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Tansen offers solitude seekers rolling hills with clouds drifting by many times a day. On crisp winter mornings, the Madi valley that lies below Tansen to the south, is blanketed by mist; this has come to be known as the ‘White Lake’ of Tansen.
Rani Mahal
© Rabi Mohan Shrestha Collection/Nepal Picture Library
A day hike to Rani Mahal is a great way to get out into the hills surrounding Tansen. The hike begins with a three- hour downhill climb to the Kali Gangaki river. Start out early. Carry water, some food, and a towel if you want to take quick dips in the streams along the way. All along, you walk by water, and waterfalls and beautiful thickets of trees. This hike is definitely not just about the destination. Enjoy the journey. Eventually, you reach Rani Mahal, known to be the Taj Mahal of Nepal. The palace was built by Khadka Samsher Rana in the late 1800s in memory of his beloved queen Tek Kumari. Today, Rani Mahal is close to ruins and poorly kept, but still stands tall on its large rock-bed by the mighty Kali Gandaki river. Windows fall off their hinges and walls are filled with inscriptions made by modern day lovers. The palace is completely deserted. As one walks through its empty halls, one cannot help but be on awe of what it must have taken to build such an edifice more than a hundred years ago. You can take a packed lunch or order a local meal at one of the few local shops near the palace. Note that meals take at least one hour for preparation. Place your order as soon as you get there so your meal can cook while you go exploring. After lunch, one can go for a swim or frolic on the white sands of the Kali Gandaki. Best to head back by 2pm latest as the hike back up to Tansen will take at least four hours.
Srinagar Danda
A 30 minute walk up from the main Tansen bazaar takes you to a magical pine forest that sits upon Srinagar danda (hill). A newly constructed view tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas on clear days. From West to East one can see the Kanjiroba, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mansiri, Ganesh and Langtang ranges. This walk involves a good uphill climb and then a consecutive downhill, but is pleasant and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Karuwa Factory Dhaka Factory
Palpa is famed for its bronze and metal crafts. Skilled craftsmen produce karuwas (water-jugs), statues, and other souvenirs and welcome you to visit them. Palpa is also famed for the popular Palpali dhaka; a special colorful weave that has become iconic of traditional Nepali clothing. Many skillful weavers still operate out of their homes, and invite visitors to drop in. Karuwas and Dhaka make wonderful souvenirs.
Mural on temple wall
There are several temples in and around Tansen that are of significance to local religious and cultural life. The Amar Narayan Temple lies at the bottom of Asan Tole and is a Vishnu Temple that is known to be one of the most beautiful temples outside Kathmandu valley. It is built in the classical three-tiered pagoda style and known for its exquisite carvings. The Bhagwati Temple was built by Col. Ujir Singh Thapa in 1815 A.D. to commemorate the victory over the British Indian troops in the battle front of Butwal. Every year, sometime in August, after a string of festivals including Janai Purnima, Gai Jatra, and Ropai Jatra, the Bhagwati Temple is home to Tansen’s famous Bhagwati Jatra. Tansen residents spend the night at the temple, singing and dancing in worship of the powerful Bhagwati goddess, and then carry her chariot through the town in a colorful procession the next morning. Bhairabsthan lies approximately 8kms from Tansen bazaar on top of a hill that offers magnificent views. Here lies what is know to be one of the largest tridents in Nepal. Located at the heart of Tansen bazaar, a Bhimsen Temple worships lord Bhimsen, the god of strength. Bhimsen temples are found in most Newar settlements across the country to worship for protection of property and safety of their trades.

Several mosques, churches and Buddhist stupas can be found in and around Tansen, indicating the diversity that exists in the area.im or frolic on the white sands of the Kali Gandaki. Best to head back by 2pm latest as the hike back up to Tansen will take at least four hours.
Mountain Biking
Despite its calm, Tansen has a lot to offer adventure seekers too. Come discover it’s many virgin mountain bike trails. The hills of Palpa offer moderate and extreme downhill rides. Bookings can be made through our partner company Ek Yak who will arrange for transport and other logistics to and from Tansen. info@elyak.com | www.elyak.com
Srijana Farm
Srijana is a farm, goat breeding center, and farm stay experience 13 kms from Tansen. With 40 acres, 70 goats, fresh food including homemade bacon and cheese, and lush trails to explore, it is well worth the detour. Come for the hand-on experience of plucking your own veggies and making your own lunch. Or let your hosts take care of everything while you enjoy the view with their home-brewed spirits in hand. For details on a day visit or overnight stay contact amargurung@gmail.com or 9841419943.

Palpali Chhen is now Palpa Durbar Hotel